Pocket Moderators

Congratulations, applicant.

After a thorough review of your application, ZEDROGAMES has deemed you to be a perfect fit for their POCKET MODERATORS program. As a POCKET MODERATOR, your duty is to enforce the rules of their fangame, PokéMMOn, by reporting illegal trades and offensive content.

You are expected to be a model citizen.

You are expected to be fair and just.

Made for Relic Castle's 6th annual game jam.

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Pokémon as a Service

It's time to end fangames.

Fangame developer ZEDROGAMES is eager to release their ambitious fan-made MMO, PokéMMOn. It is meant to be an ever-evolving game, with constant updates and new features. However, not all of them are fully tested and prepared. You will witness the fall of the most ambitious fangame ever created as its developers start to shift their focus to monetization.

Interact with other players. Report scammers, hackers and other questionable individuals. Get hooked on opening loot boxes and summoning new Pokémon.

More information is coming soon.

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Shell as a Service

Debug your Pokémon Essentials games with your own terminal.

Originally built for Pokémon as a Service, Shell as a Service is a developer tool that offers an environment for debugging and extending the game's capabilities during runtime.